TEMPUS Joint Project - Curricular Reform (JPCR) – 2012-3004/001/001


EUNEG project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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EUNEG Coordinator (EUCOR):

Prof.Dr. Silvo Devetak 

University of Maribor, Slovenia 

E-mail: silvo.devetak@um.si

Phone: +386 41 699 641


EUNEG manager for pedagogical and scientific issues and

COCUSI scientific secretary

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Janja Hojnik

E-mail: janja.hojnik@um.si


EUNEG manager for planning and organisation:

Franc Mlinar, M.A.

E-mail: franc.mlinar@ecers-um.si 

Phone: +386 2 23 55 373 


EUNEG manager for financial and reporting issues:

Jasmina Klojčnik, dipl. oec. 

E-mail: jasmina.klojcnik@um.si

Phone: +386 2 23 55 374